Superior Sheepskins

Retailers' Choice Since 2015

Hand-selecting the finest Australian and New Zealand farm sheepskins, and processing in the state-of-the-art ecological tannery with strict quality control, we are always committed to providing the best products to you.

Henan Prosper is known the world over for tanning and manufacturing sheepskins and leather products for more than 24 years. The subsidiary, Henan Prosper USA, founded in 2000, has become the largest wholesaler and distributor in the North America Region.


Glory Wisdom Corp, founded in 2015, has been one of the top wholesalers that imports and sells quality sheepskin & leather goods, as well as trendy clothing and footwear in the North America.

With the constant exploration of the market and the innovation of products during the past years, Glory Wisdom Corp nowadays carries much more than just the iconic sheepskins.


For the past 5 years, Glory Wisdom Corp has been committed to innovation and R&D, and has established a successful distribution portfolio of manufacturer’s brands. They are defined by a combination of Competitive Price, Superior Quality, Customer-Satisfying Service and Outstanding Customer Experience.

Shear Style®

Sweet Home, Sweet Comforts.

Originally launched in 2006, Shear Style® prides itself as one of the largest sales of natural sheepskin products in the United States. The featured products are area rugs and decorative pillows.


We care, and back you up!

It could be a supportive seat pad for a long-distance drive. It could be a cozy and protective underlay for a long-term bedridden. It’s BACKURE® – an innovative brand special in body care and protection.


Glory Wisdom Corp has been working in long term partnerships with major retail companies including: Department Stores, Retail Companies and Online Marketplaces. We will continue expanding in the retailing in order to bring a diverse range of products to more consumers with different needs.


Parented by a tannery and manufacturer, Glory Wisdom Corp supplies all kinds of sheepskin and leather products to numerous private label brands. From the industry of home decor and furnishing, home improvement and accessories, medical care, child care, to clothing and shoes, we will always be a trustworthy manufacturing and supplier for you.

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This operation segment is similar to our brands in the production processes and regulatory environment, but differ in the presentation, distribution and sales methods.

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