Shear Style®

Originally launched in 2006, Shear Style® prides itself as one of the largest sales of sheepskin products in the United States. Having years of successful experience in imports and wholesales of genuine sheepskins, Glory Wisdom Corp is now exclusively distributing this best-selling brand. Cooperative dealers consist of well-known retail chains, trading companies and sub-wholesalers.

In order to enrich product diversity, and meet the needs of different customers, Shear Style® launched its faux fur collections in 2019, featuring in stylish faux sheepskin and ultra soft faux rabbit fur.

Featured Products

While genuine sheepskin gives us the luxurious lifestyle with unparallel quality and natural coziness, faux fur brings us a living of fashion filled with personality and creation. These two materials complement each other with their own characteristics here in Shear Style®, and we are committed to meeting your needs in every aspect.

Genuine Sheepskin

Classic Pelt Area Rug

Shear Style, sheepskin, area rug, quarto, pelt, brown tip, brown and white, next to a red sofa

Genuine Sheepskin

Decorative Pillow

Shear Style, sheepskin, decorative pillow, charcoal, grey, next to a tan velvet pillow on a white sofa.

Genuine Sheepskin Collections

Shear Style® Classic Long Wool Sheepskin Rug Collections, derived from selected natural sheepskin pelts mainly from Australia and New Zealand, are hand-cut to retain the natural pelt shape. To pair with the beautiful sheepskin rugs, we have Long Wool Sheepskin Decorative Pillow Collections. The natural wool is sheeny, dense, elastic and not easy to collapse, giving a fluffy look and comfortable feel.

Faux Fur

Non-Slip Backing Area Rug

Shear Style, faux fur, sheepskin rug, white, natural shape, with flowers and stool on side.

Faux Fur

Decorative Pillow

Shear Style, faux fur, decorative pillow, grey, brown, with flowers on side.

Faux Fur Collections

In order to expand the diversity of product categories and bring more choices of materials and styles to customers, Shear Style® has launched the Faux Fur Collections in 2019, including Faux Sheepskin Accent Rug & Decorative Pillow, as well as Faux Rabbit Fur Accent Rug & Decorative Pillow. Unlike natural material, synthetic fiber barely has styling restrictions. It’s flexible on almost all colors, patterns and shapes.